Firm Overview & Background
M-LINE Carrier Corp. is comprised of management and qualified personnel that offer a composite experience in the transportation industry. Since her foundation, M-LINE Carrier Corp. has offered a full range of transportation services to meet all the needs of modern businesses. M-LINE Carrier Corp is a part of MOLINA Truck Sales and M-POWERED Transportation Network, together these companies are setting standards in the industry.

As a young, dynamic, flexible organization with facilities in the Los Angeles area and established ties globally, M-LINE can quickly and efficiently move any package, pallet, or truckload across town and North America.In addition to a strong commitment to customers, M-line is equally committed to our employees, realizing it is their contribution that creates our continued growth and success. A combination of experienced transportation personnel, modern equipment and up-to-date technology ensures that the customer’s needs are met consistently.

Mission Statement & Technical Ability
The company’s goal is to provide professional transportation services distinguished by quality and integrity, with particular attention placed on client’s schedule, budget and priorities.
Under M-LINE Carrier Corp. we have brought together a very professional and highly experienced team of Drivers, Owner Operators, Dispatchers and office personnel. This unusual high level of expertise is possible because of education, experience and commitment of each member to improve and to serve with the highest level of professionalism.
The Principals and Associates of our company represent more than 25 years of experience in transportation and delivery services for a wide range of industries.